Monday, July 8, 2013

We're back, with Gratitude

We are back from California, where we were able to spend five days with my mom's side of the family over the 4th of July.  While we were there, I got to read an excellent post from Tonya at Budget at the Beach, guest posting for Debt and the Girl.  Tonya wrote about how our lives are a mixed bag, even for those who look like they have it together.  It's a good reminder, because we typically put our best image forward and the net effect is that we can feel like we're doing worse than our peers by comparison.  Tonya pulled two good lessons out of this observation: one, you're not alone in your struggles, and two, the best response might just to feel some gratitude for the things going well in your life.

No time like the present.  I am grateful for...

  • My family, who are understanding when I take Wii Party too seriously
  • Board games from my childhood that still hold up, like five-card Sorry and Clue
  • My mom's fried chicken
  • Backyard pools and water guns when the temperature gets above 100
  • My new job, which gives the awesome freedom of working shoeless and in shorts, and allows for longer visits to family
  • Bowling, kickball, and frisbee golf, possibly the three dorkiest sports of all time...and maybe the best, too because you can drink a cold beer with all three
  • My needy goldens, even when they jump on the bed and stand over my sleeping body and breathe way too close to my face when it's time for breakfast
  • My friends, who remind me it's still cool to just have fun
  • My sister and my niece, who can always make me laugh
  • And my beautiful wife, who is understanding and patient and way better looking than a schlub like me deserves.  Thank you for being my partner.
I am also grateful for the community of personal finance bloggers, who put themselves out there and share the wisdom & the good and the bad of their lives with the hopes that it helps someone else.  I find personal finance to be a somewhat lonely habit, since an open dialogue about finances is taboo in some situations.  Reading your blogs with a cup of coffee is the best part of my morning.  Thank you.

P.S. - A post on coupons is in the mix, and I'll be grateful once I figure out a way to put my rambling thoughts together...

*Photo by laRuth at Flickr Creative Commons.

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  1. Glad to know you made it back safely and that you enjoyed the time with your mom's side of the family. How was your 4th of July. I make time everyday to go over things that I am thankful for. Far too often people complain about what could've or should've been but not show thankfulness for what they have. You are right about the PF family as I just started blogging about a month ago and everyone has been as friendly and nice as can be.

  2. That's a good habit, Thomas, to make time daily to say thanks.

    My 4th was good -- most of the stuff from the list were things I got to experience over the holiday. I want more fried chicken already.

    How about yours?

  3. Thanks for this. It's so nice to be reminded to be grateful every once in a while! =)

    1. Agreed! I've got to credit Tonya @ Budget at the beach though...I'm just following her lead. :)

  4. I just started a post for things I am thankful, after writing a Thursday Rant that seemed a little to complain-y, and got called out on it! Also, I was inspired to write it because of a favor my mother did for me - so thankful I can call her up and she does it right away.

    1. Yeah, family's the best. I think I'm going to call my mom...:)

      I'm looking forward to reading that post!

  5. It sounds like you've found the things that truly matter in life. I know exactly what you mean about the goldens standing way too close to your face, haha.

    1. Ha! They're sweet dogs but have no concept of personal space.

  6. All great things to be grateful for :)

  7. Awe thanks for the shout out! I'm glad it inspired you to write your own gratitude list! What kind of job do do you have that allows the barefoot-ness? Freelancing? I'm barefoot all the time! :) Looking forward to following your journey!

    1. I work in Procurement but I get to work from home, so that allows for the awesome barefoot-ness. Like you noted earlier, the grass seems greener and I sometimes miss the benefits of working in an office, too, like the ability to collaborate just by peeking over a cubicle, or group lunches, or team building.

      Still, there's lots to be grateful for either way. :)